How to Raise Yorkie

cute yorkie
Choosing a dog
Dogs are social creatures with a strong pack instinct and at the moment you take your pet at home it should understand who the leader of the household “pack” is.
From the day of its birth this role was fulfilled by its mother. She was the one to make decisions, to offer food and secure safety. In order to feel safe and comfortable in your home, the puppy should understand who the new boss is. Yet you shouldn’t use power in order to demonstrate your leadership, because a dog that fears you will be nervous and a difficult chum.

Puppies may de-classified as dominant and obedient according to their temper. Dominants believe that they are leaders in their packs and try to impose upon others from the litter and make them obey. At your home such a dog will behave the same way, trying to secure its leadership. A common way to make you obey is to put its head under your palm repeatedly, trying to make your caress it. There is nothing wrong to show your fondness, but in such a situation this will encourage the puppy to believe in its leadership. It would be better if you offer your yorkie to do something deserving your approval, e.g. make it sit down or give a paw and after that to caress it. Thus you will ascertain your leadership and satisfy its necessity for love at the same time.

Obedient dogs are timid, unassertive and don’t feel strongly connected with the pack. In a new environment such a dog doesn’t want to get in contact with anybody and is ready to hide in the lap of its master.

In between these two groups of tempers are those, which easily get acquainted and make friends. They don’t have problems in new surroundings and readily cooperate with other members of the pack.

In other to determine what the nature of your pet is you may do the following experiment. Tenderly make the dog lay on one side with its whole body close to the floor. If this is readily accepted the dog is obedient. A dominant dog will try to resist and get up. In such a case it is good to force it gently to lay for a moment with its head and rump touching the floor thus teaching it to obey to your will. You may repeat this and after that you have to reward it.

How to prepare your home
The puppy is stressed when separated from its mother and the litter. Try to compensate this offering a calm quarter in your home and time to adapt. Don’t show it to friends before it gets accustomed with the members of your family and starts to feel a part of it.

The baby dog inherits some rules of hygiene. It doesn’t pee and do faeces in the basket where it sleeps and does this right away after leaving it. Put old newspapers around the basket so that the baby may get used to pee on them and after some time start to move them slowly in the direction of the place you have choused for this purposes e.g. the bathroom.

The puppy should eat four times per day until it gets two months old. It’s good to feed it on granulated baby foods designed for the age and the breed which you can find in any pet shop. When it gets 45 days old, the puppy masts receive its first vaccine. You have to consult your vet about the type and schedule of vaccinations.

The baby dog is sleeping 12 to 18 hours per day and you have to secure enough peaceful time for it.

When not asleep the puppy is playing. Play with it as much as you can, cuddle it and talk to it. Offer it suitable toys for playing and rubbing its teeth.
male yorkie
There are three words, which the puppy has to learn from a very early age: its name, “no” and “good”. Thus it starts to identify itself and to learn what is good and what is wrong.

Avoid leaving your home with the dog until it gets three months old, and if you have to do this don’t let it walk in the street. Young dogs are susceptible to diseases and you will take the risk of getting it ill.

On reaching the age of three months your baby dog starts to acquire the features of a York terrier. Its coat gets two to three cm long, the ears start to rise and the characteristic color of the coat is easily observed. It’s time to start feeding it only three times a day and you can add small pieces of cooked chicken meat, the white of well boiled eggs, small pieces of apple and other tasty things. It should not receive offal, bones, spicy food or sausages. Remember that chocolate is poisonous for your pet.

At the age of three months Yorkies need to be treated with fumigation internal parasites. Consult your veterinary doctor about this.

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